About Inbound4Cast

Inbound4Cast helps senior B2B marketers and organizations with content about inbound marketing and organic growth.

We talk about strategies, tactics, tips, channels, cases and trends. Not all content is about B2B companies, but all content should be helpful for B2B companies. For example: sometimes B2B can learn a lot from B2C organizations, cases or experts about a specific topic. The topics I cover are related to inbound marketing, content marketing and demand generation.

Everything we do, should help B2B organizations directly or indirectly to organically grow.

About Jerrel Arkes

My name is Jerrel Arkes (1985), freelance SEO and inbound marketing consultant with about 14 years of experience.

I’ve been helping B2B SMEs and enterprise organizations with organic growth (inbound markting, content marketing, SEO, demand generation, lead generation) since 2008.

I do this for organizations that believe that offering as much value as possible to their target audience, is the long-term strategy for success.

I have worked in this role from various digital marketing- and inbound marketing agencies and I’m currently doing this as a freelancer. 

For the inbound marketing part, I’m working with the HubSpot Marketing platform a lot. 

Jerrel Arkes

Member of


From my company ‘Arkes Marketing en Media BV’ I am a member of VIA Netherlands and with the v-OR. 

I have been a member of the v-OR (verenigde-Online Radiozenders) foundation since 2018. v-OR is an independent foundation and provides a platform where online radio and podcast creators like to come together to share their passion for, knowledge about and experiences with radio and podcasts. 

Since 2020, I have joined the Taskforce Digital Audio of VIA Netherlands (formerly IAB). In Digital Audio my profession (digital marketing) and my hobby (podcasting and online radio) come together. 

Podcast setup

I’m a bit of a sound freak. Depending on the situation (location of recording and what I feel like doing at the time) I decide how to set up. 

  • Audio recording: RodeCaster Pro I and II & Zoom H8
  • Video recording: 2x Sony fdr-ax53, 1x Nikon D3500
  • Audio processing: Orban 1101
  • Microphones: 3x RODE Broadcaster, 4x Shure SM58, 1x RODE Lavalier, 2x RODE Wireless Go, 1x RODE NT-USB.
  • Editing: Adobe Audition / Premiere

Contact information

For questions, suggestions for podcast guests or collaborations, please contact me (Jerrel) using the information below.

Arkes Marketing en Media BV
‘t Vijfhoekje 7
7776CP Slagharen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)6 23 96 54 24
Email: [email protected]

A podcast series by Jerrel Arkes about inbound marketing and organic growth for B2B companies.

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